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Monday, August 20, 2007

Neighborhood report: Bedford & N6th

A Coffe Shop
Northeast corner, Bedford Ave and N6th.

I guess it only makes sense that with the population of Williamsburg exploding and all of those people syphoning into the Bedford Ave L train that there'd be new shops opening to dump coffee on all those commuters as they pass.

When I asked the fellow sitting there in the doorway what was going in he told me, "A coffee shop." When will it open? September.

'Dee Light'
This used to be the deli on the southwest corner of Bedford and N6th.

My brief conversation with one of the workers whose first language is something Asian:

What's going in here, a restaurant?
Yes... No, a store.
Oh? A store? What sort of store? Do you know?
It's ah... De light.
Dee light?
Yes, de light. De light... [walks away]

So.... another tastee d lite? A lighting store? Groove is in the heart? I guess it's not really news if I don't know what I'm reporting. Probably a store anyway.

Formerly this

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