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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The condo tower at Barclay and Church

Since it looks like the TV coverage of the 9/11 anniversary is going to be panning to this building from Ground Zero to demonstrate the area's revitalization I thought I'd post what I have so far in terms of the before/after lifespan.

The big lesson from watching this building is to choose a spot for the "before" picture that'll work for the "after" picture. In this case, the building got too big. These composites (September above, July below) are done with the free demo version of a software called Autostitch.

Comparing the bases. September, July, and February (from this post)

Comparing relative heigh (sorry, perspective change) September '06 top, May '06 bottom

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condo manila said...

That is a stunning condo tower. Can't wait to see the next update.



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